Open Book Program Sponsors

The Open Book Program is bringing the gift of reading to many adolescents in Chicago. We haven’t done this without a lot of help from our sponsors and donors. These sponsors and donors are our friends. They are also the friends of every boy and girl who has been introduced to the power and wonder of reading through the Open Book Program. They are the governmental agencies, foundations, corporations, businesses, and individuals who donate the funds that enable us to carry out our mission. To these sponsors and donors – to our friends – we say thank you. We know that you are reaping the rewards of your generosity.

  • AT&T
  • Chase Bank
  • Chicago Area Project
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Chicago Department of Human Services
  • Chicago Empowerement Zone
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Church of the Spirit
  • Coca Cola
  • Eastlake Management
  • Illinois Department of Human Services
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Athletics and Education
  • Johnson Publishing
  • Marshall Field’s on State St.
  • McCoy Security
  • Northland Publishing
  • Plum Café
  • Polk Brothers Foundation
  • Reggio’s Pizza
  • Risk Management & Information Systems
  • RR Donnelley & Son
  • Shell Oil
  • Urban Partnership Bank
  • Speedy Printing
  • State Representative Lou Jones
  • State Senator Emil Jones, Jr.
  • The Host Organization
  • McDonalds on 35th & Indiana
  • The Kimberley Group
  • United Airlines
  • University of Chicago
  • WEA
  • WGN
  • Winslow Press

Board Listings

Executive Director

Marrice Coverson

Program Manager

Chimere Bias

Board of Directors

  • Kara Burrel
  • Matt Foran
  • Amy Harris
  • Waldo E. Johnson
  • Janis Kierney
  • Brandie Khazze
  • Lewis Powell
  • Ida Cross Pruitt
  • Ivette Gonzales
  • Karen Hobbs
  • Adrienne M. Jones
  • Leroy Kennedy
  • Adrienne R. Miguest
  • Styron Powers
  • Bernice Smith
  • Darlene D. Watkins
  • Celeste Watts
  • Rick Williams

Open Book Advisory Board

  • Midge Kimberly
  • Darwin McBeth Walton
  • Jan Spivey-Gilchrist
  • Hosea Sanders